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Have you been injured?

Have you had a traffic accident or an accident at work? Have you suffered physical harm? Is anyone else to blame for the accident? What now? Who do you report to for the payment of compensation and redress? Neither you nor anyone around can speak Dutch?

Victim of an accident. Now what?

We can help you thanks to the unique cooperation of DMG Juristen (Dominika Mazur) and Letselschaderegeling Westland (Rob Kroezen, NIVRE Register-Expert).

Both offices cooperate with each other in order to provide assistance to persons injured in road accidents and accidents at work, which consists in obtaining compensation from the party responsible for the damage.

Step 1

Call us directly

Call us directly at 085-1060927 . You tell us your story and we will ask you a couple of additional questions, so we thoroughly understand your case.

Step 2

Liability estimation

Based on your information, we make a non-binding estimate of the chances of a successful personal injury claim.

Step 3

Submitting a damage claim

If you would like, we could fully support you in tending to and substantiating your personal injury damages claim. Our experts will take the complete process out of your hands.

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You have a personal injury

What are your costs?

Direct damages and costs

Direct damage and costs arise directly as a result of the accident. Think about medical reimbursement, transportation costs to hospital and property damage.

The direct damages and costs are usually very clear and easy due to the accident.

Long-term costs and recovery

Consequential damage may be longer or even permanent. Think about loss of income, home care costs or home adjustments.

Compensation (= non-material injuries) always relates to the personal injury and compensates for pain, treatment and permanent consequences following an accident.

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