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An accident could be a very unfortunate situation. Especially when it includes a personal injury. You will have to deal with many discomforts and unforeseen costs, both direct as well as indirect. Usually the personal injury caused by a traffic or occupational accident can be claimed, and the liable party is insured for the damages suffered. Would you like to know if you can file a personal injury claim? Our service is entirely free of charge to victims.

Personal injury… What to do?

Each year, there is still a large number of people injured because of different types of accidents. Were you involved in an accident and were you injured for which you suffered damages as a result thereof? Check out what steps you can take.

Naturally, it does not immediately occur to you that an accident could mean significant costs and damages as a result thereof. Often the income is (partially) paid out and friends/acquaintances offer a helping hand for a short period of time. However, from the moment following the injury, you immediately have to deal with travel expenses, medical coverage deductibles, and getting someone to help at home and in the garden. After a while, you will have to get help from outside and you will need transportation to get medical treatment and care, and it could extend to not being able to work in your own profession anymore due to permanent damage.

What are you supposed to do then? Together with you, we will discuss what the best solutions are, give you advice, maintain contact with the insurance company, and ensure payment of advances directly to you. All this work is free of charge to victims because we just submit our expenses to the insurance company of the counterparty, who then assess the reasonableness of these expenses. We will never charge you, the victim, anything.

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Based on your information, we make a non-binding estimate of the chances of a successful personal injury claim.

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Submitting a damage claim

If you would like, we could fully support you in tending to and substantiating your personal injury damages claim. Our experts will take the complete process out of your hands.

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You suffered personal injury

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Direct damages and costs

Direct damages and costs derive directly from your accident. Think in this case of a reimbursement of medical treatments, medical coverage deductibles, transportation fees to the hospital, and damages to your properties.

Direct damages and costs are usually very straightforward and easy to relate to the accident.

Consequential damages and restitution

Consequential damages could apply for a longer period of time, or even permanently. Think in this case of lost income, fees for housekeeping or adjustments made to your home.

Restitution (=immaterial damages) is always applicable with personal injuries and is compensation for pain and suffering, medical treatments, and lasting effects following an accident.

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